We are a passionate group of 6 parents or 3 married couple with 5 children total. Our mission is to purify our lives as best as possible. To simplify our foods down to the simplest of ingredients and not eat from a box. To raise our children avoiding the use of chemicals which seem to be in everything offered at the grocery store nowadays. Time to turn back the clock to simpler times, back to a time when people slowed down a bit and enjoyed life, food, family time, child birth and so on. Each one of us has experienced Natural Child birth, some of us with Doulas and some not. Some of us with Midwives and others not. There is a lot of experience with all things natural between us all as well as lots of other life topics including ethics, massage therapy, design, gardening, beer brewing, great reading material, baking, cooking, you name it, you’ll find it here. Read each of our bios below.

Jennifer is a kefir-swilling, veggie loving, oatmeal-soaking, whole food junkie who ruthlessly stretches every dollar to feed her family the best on a budget. Wife to Matt, and mother to Peter and John, she hopes to learn more about living simply and letting go . . . to build a peaceful, fun, exceptional life in small town PA.

Matt cares so much about living a flourishing life that he made a career out of it–by studying and teaching comparative religious ethics at a small liberal arts university in central PA.  He glimpsed the crunchy life in college with his long hair, mutton-chops, and thrift store threads, but is now on the path to true crunchiness by eating local, organic, ethically-produced foods, simplifying and streamlining his life, and striving to raise his two boys in a respectful, joyous, loving environment with his wife, Jennifer.  He has lived in mainland China and Taiwan, and draws much of the inspiration for his values from Chinese religions.

Candice is a former Jersey girl (hates to admit), who has reformed her previous consumer loving lifestyle to become more and more crunchy.  After moves through 3 states and many, many years of school (We are!), she’s settled down in extremely rural Pennsylvania (her town literally does not have a traffic light) with husband Aaron, daughter Sophia Grace, and faithful family dog, Sadie.  She has always had a passion for cooking from scratch with natural and local ingredients, but has become obsessed with moving towards a crunchy life, through composting, gardening, stretching money further (still learning more in this department), not eating processed foods, and curing “what ails ya” holistically, especially after the intervention free birth of her daughter.  Candice strives to do all this while working full time and being a committed first time mom.  Looks can be deceiving,  she may drive a new car and be wearing fashionable clothing/makeup, but the car is diesel, her clothes were never purchased at full price, and the makeup is made of all natural ingredients.  There’s much to be said about living a simpler life and enjoying the real things that matter, which she strives to do more of.  Cheers to crunchy!

Aaron, father to Sophia Grace and husband of Candice, is a passionate outdoorsman.  With training in massage therapy, he believes in using natural and homeopathic methods for treating the body.  An avid hunter and fly fisherman, he is driven to hunt local game for his family to eat, in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way.  He enjoys kayaking, hiking, gardening, composting, and working on his 1956 Chevy Pick Up, not to mention grooming his luxurious, crunchy beard (it’s a free way to keep warm in the winter!).  Aaron prefers to fix and build things on his own, rather than paying for others to do the same work.  His wife Candice keeps him eating natural, whole foods and living on a budget the best they can.  He’s committed to helping his family grow, naturally.

Joshua is a former Phish-head [actually, still very much a Phish phan]. Roaming from show to show in the early years of the band, selling grilled cheese and veggie bagel sandwiches to buy his way to the next get down. He’s the husband to Melissa and father of Porter and Reagan. Though he cut his dreads off years ago and traded in the patchwork pants for jeans and black t-shirts, he is still secretly quite crunchy beneath the surface. He and Mel live on a tight budget so they can pay off “the man” and become free from the saddles of debt. He also enjoys finding non-toxic, frugal ways to care for his family and home and loves to cook. No, not from a box and microwave, but with fresh, basic ingredients.


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