FDA: Federal Department of A**bags

Our government is out of control. Obama recently appointed former Monsanto VP as the director of the FDA. Monsanto VP? Really?

Now if you don’t know who Monsanto is have a spin around Google, the info will horrify you. For those of you who think I’m just picking on Obama, your wrong. I have plenty to disagree with from the previous administration.

I just can’t believe how in control business is in this country. That’s who controls our government, all the politicians are just puppets for their Sugar Daddy’s.

Eat local. Eat natural. Get crunchy. End of rant.

Read more here.


One thought on “FDA: Federal Department of A**bags

  1. I know. This infuriates me as well. I first learned of the evils of Monsanto from watching Food Inc. a little over a year ago. That’s when my eyes were first “opened” (if you will) to what really goes on with our food system. Since then, my family pretty much eats only organic. Thanks for sharing.

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