Crunchy or weird?

I’m a minimalist. No, not because the term is cool or it’s the latest trend. I’ve always been that way. Before marriage I was able to move my entire life at the drop of a hat and I would. I could literally make one trip with my vehicle to my new abode. Traveling light and keeping my life free of clutter has always been a natural part of my being. It’s a tad more difficult now with a wife and two sons, but as a whole we have far less than the typical consumerist American family and we like it.

It’s so common now days for families to not park in their garage because its packed with overflow. The Self-Storage industry is huge and Americans rent space for stuff. Really? How dumb is that? This though I will save for future a post.

My life of minimalism is still going strong and I’ve taken another step in minimizing my life even more. I find clothing a huge annoyance. Shopping for them, picking out something to wear, keeping up with trends, even though I never really cared about what’s “in”. It’s all just a headache I really don’t want to deal with. So, I no longer will. I’ve gotten rid of every single shirt that either wasn’t a short or long sleeved black t-shirt. Yep, that’s all I have for shirts.

My shirt selection has been reduced to 3 long sleeve and 6 short sleeve shirts for “good.” For work I have 2 long sleeve and 5 short sleeve. I have 2 pairs of khaki’s and 5 pairs of jeans. When the occasion calls for a really dapper look I have my vintage Woolrich Houndstooth sport coat. That’s about it besides my loungewear and I love it. No more thinking about what to wear. I just grab and go.

Of course my family and friends think I’m really weird. That’s fine, I can handle it. As a designer and having spent countless years in college with an art focus this is par for the course. Keep in mind though, there have been some very successful and notable people who wear the same thing everyday. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg and Albert Einstein are a few of those who didn’t want to be weighed down with the mundane task of picking out clothes.

So, am I crunchy or weird? I say minimalist.


3 thoughts on “Crunchy or weird?

  1. I say go for it… I have created this life for myself, Kids, family and right now I cannot pack up and move much less in one car load…. But one day I will.

    BTW I agree, Your are minimalist…. But me I tend to be a bit weird minimalist in training….

  2. When I first embraced minimalism, I started to discover that most of the “weirdness” came from myself. I brought up my own wardrobe and possessions abut 99% of the time. When I didn’t say anything about how I was wearing the same outfit I wore a couple of days before, it was like no one else even noticed. Maybe it’s easy for us to become hyper-aware of it when we’re the ones making the change?

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