Basement Biking

This winter has been long and cold.  Although I’m doing really well with my goal to get myself and the kids outside every day for at least 15 minutes, some days we are only just making it.  15 minutes of playing in our yard, shoveling snow, or walking around the block doesn’t get all of the kids’ energy worked out by a long shot. So we have to stay busy indoors too.  Some of our favorite ways to burn off that excess steam include dancing around to fun music, jumping and racing around the house, and riding bikes in the basement.


I never would have thought to put our bikes in our unfinished basement, but fortunately, I saw one of my Facebook friends doing it with her kids.  I love learning tricks from other moms and this one has worked like a charm.  Pete has been getting much more use out of his bike and tricycle and the boys absolutely love tearing around downstairs before dinner or before bedtime.  My favorite part is that I get to work on laundry, straighten up my stuff down there, and enjoy Pete and John’s capering.  Sometimes it’s good exercise for me too!



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