On the road eats: giant breakfast cookies

Cookies in the oven

Cookies in the oven

Conventional wisdom dictates that you should plan your car travel with children at the times during the day they would normally be resting, like during afternoon naps or at bedtime.  Conventional wisdom does not work for my family. I have learned the hard way that my boys have a much higher tolerance for car travel in the early morning and they absolutely hate waking up from a nap in the car only to be still stuck in their car seats.  Consequently, the longer the trip will be, the earlier we must leave in the morning to avoid tears, restlessness, and the need for constant singing by one or both parents.

But my desire to leave as early as possible runs directly counter to my son’s desire to eat a lengthy breakfast as soon as he wakes up.  Enter Giant Breakfast Cookies from the Heavenly Homemaker. I came across this recipe one day and was immediately struck by how easy these would be to eat in the car.  Now that we don’t buy boxed cereal, it is difficult to find foods that children can eat without totally destroying the car with smears, crumbs, and dribbles.  All of the whole food snacks that Matt and I used to enjoy while traveling, including hard-boiled eggs, hummus, peanut butter, and even many fruits, are horribly messy for my little guys.  Our normal breakfast of baked oatmeal is a kid-pleaser, but it crumbles so bad that I once made Pete and John sit in a hotel bathtub to eat it so the crumbs would be contained.  While I don’t think cookies are the best breakfast choice, if it gets us on the road before 7am, I’ll make an exception.

My floors would be so much cleaner if they ate in the bathtub every day.

My floors would be so much cleaner if they ate in the bathtub every day.

I followed the instructions for soaking the cookies, but I used kefir instead of buttermilk in the recipe, and opted to use raisins and not chocolate chips to minimize messiness.  The cookies came out great and not too sweet and everyone loved them.  Unfortunately, they upset John’s digestive system.  We are going on the road again soon, so I want to tweak the recipe to make them even easier for John to digest by substituting the whole wheat flour with oats processed in the food processor and omitting the raisins.  Kids love raisins, but they are not easy to digest!  I will also make extra sure that all of the oats are getting wet with the kefir for soaking as I think the first time I did not have enough liquid in there.  I’ll share my new recipe if it is a success, but I would definitely recommend the original Giant Breakfast Cookies recipe available at Heavenly Homemakers something to eat on your travels.


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