Weed out the chemicals.


A couple years back while I was killing weeds in my driveway with your typical store bought weed killer I was loathing the cost as I sprayed it all over the ground. Weed killer is not cheap and as you can imagine it is filled with very toxic chemicals which are definitely not safe for consumption. This sparked a quick search for a more natural alternative which was easy to find. There are recipes for natural weed killer which I used in the beginning but now I just shoot from the hip.

1 part water
1 part white vinegar (preferably pickling grade, contains more acid)
A bit of dish soap & salt

Voila! You’ve just made a non-toxic weed killer for around your house. Sure, it may not kill weeds with one treatment but I’m ok with that. I’m happy to apply it again if need be. Plus, this version changes the PH balance of the soil making it more acidic and unfavorable for weeds (and flowers or veg, so be careful). Definitely a great money saver and healthier option to the chemical laden concoctions off the shelf. Happy weeding.


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