Safe Seeds?

Over the weekend, at the suggestion of a close friend, I was urged to read an article in the New York Times about the commercial seeds used to plant home gardens.  As crunchy gardeners, my husband Aaron and I plant our small plot from seed, and cultivate it without the use of pesticides or harsh chemicals, fertilizing it with our own compost and other alternatives like epsom salt, as needed.

Upon reading this article I was shocked to find that even if we spent all our effort trying to grow our own organic, “safe” produce, that the truth of the matter is we need to be worrying about where the seeds came from to begin with.  Aside from even being concerned about genetically altered versions, the article suggests that because seeds come from older, more mature plants, they are exposed to even more pesticides and harsh chemicals than those plants of the actual produce grown for consumption.  Farmers that are growing crops for seed do not have to abide by the same standard as those growing for consumption, they are allowed larger quantities and more extreme uses of pesticides, since they have a longer growing season in order to cultivate their product.  Most seed companies do not disclose how their seeds were grown and harvested.  So just like every other consumer product we buy, buyer beware!  Read labels and do your research!  I know we will be before even starting our garden this year.

Some "Un-crunchy" Seed

Some “Un-crunchy” Seed

Where do you get your seeds from?  Any tips on how to maintain the most organic garden possible?


3 thoughts on “Safe Seeds?

  1. I was told that Fedco was a safer bet and that is where our seeds came from this year. The catalog is a great read too! It was hard to constrain myself from buying way more than we need.

  2. Good post Candice. As I begin planning I will definitely keep that in mind. I’ve heard FedCo is top notch. Just need to call up for a catalog.

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