From sewing to spices.

HULK Salvage

HULK Salvage

This weekend I was hanging at my friends salvage shop/store having some duck bacon and wild boar sausage cooked on the woodstove. While the bluegrass was jammin’ we were bouncing ideas off one another and formulating a plan for a product he is going to craft me. After our almost 3 hour “meeting” I was heading for the door, arms loaded with odds and ends including an awesome beer I’d never had. Just as I was heading out the door my friend Josh held up an antique thread rack from an old textile mill that used to be in Williamsport and asked me if I had any ideas of what to do with such an item. Immediately an idea came to mind and he said there are thousands of them and so we plan to get as many as we can this week.

Antique thread rack

Antique thread rack

What did I do with it? It became a spice rack, works perfect with spices in all sizes of containers. An antique thread rack becomes a spice rack.

Spice rack

Spice rack

BTW  The counter this spice rack is sitting on is a salvaged piece of LVL which is a support beam used in the construction industry.


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