We heat our home to 62 degrees during the day in the winter months.

Our parents don’t always like to take off their coats.  Sometimes our friends cover up with a blanket when they sit for chat on our couch. Our coconut oil stays solid and our honey is hard to pour all winter long.

Once in a blue moon, I just can’t face the day at 62, so I nudge the thermostat up to a balmy 65, but for the most part, I have adapted. It helps that I love saving money on heating oil and I feel good reducing our energy consumption. Now, when I go to my parent’s house, I feel like I’m having hot flashes and need to drink a lot of water.

Here are some tips that might make it easier if you want to transition to a lower home heating temperature.

  • Wear long underwear, sweaters, and sweatshirts every day.  It is winter after all!
  • Invest in a good robe.
  • Keep busy during the day.  Clean, cook, play, dance.  It feels much warmer than sitting still.
  • Drink warm drinks and eat warming foods like soup or foods with a lot of spiciness.
  • Cook and bake to warm the kitchen area.
  • Consider making a change when someone is pregnant. At least one person will be running warm.
  • Sleep or cuddle with your children, or fur babies.
  • Make a deal with yourself that you will turn the heat up if you get very cold, or turn it up for holidays as a special treat.
  • If all else fails, think about the money you are saving and plan how to spend it.

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