Leftover makeover.


Leftovers, some people like them, some people hate them. My wife and I are big fans of leftovers. I mean, what’s more simple in finding something to eat than having a nice stack of leftovers in the fridge?

My wife and I have become leftover connoisseurs of sorts. We actually get other peoples leftovers. Yep, we get calls or texts or even emails asking if we want leftovers and we never, ever say no. Everything from soup to meats, vegetables, dips, chips and casseroles, you name it and we get it as leftovers. We even go to family events like Thanksgiving, birthday parties or Christmas dinner with leftover containers in tow.

Why do we do this? Several reasons actually. Leftovers are quick and easy to prepare into a meal and when you have a life of work & family it’s nice to have quick meals. Another awesome benefit is, yep you guessed it, it saves money. Your really eating on the cheap with leftovers, especially someone else’s leftovers.

I do most of the cooking around the house, my wife is the baker. She will remark often about how the leftovers are not at all like leftovers. That’s because I give them a makeover. I whip leftover ingredients and foods into casseroles or pair them with something else from the fridge. No, I don’t have recipes, I just have fun and shoot from the hip. Every now and then I have a dud, but usually I can spice these leftovers up to the point it seems like I spent hours in the kitchen.

Collecting leftovers is not for everyone but you can still plan meals in your own homes to have ample leftovers for quick meals. Since we are both working parents and now have two children and I have a business that is growing rapidly, I have no time for big, extravagant meals during the week. I cook more time consuming fare over the weekend, usually Sunday. This past weekend I made lasagna, using my own sauce and meat from a local butcher, not the slimy chemical laden faux meat from the store. As a family we ate lasagna Sunday night and have taken it several times this week for our lunches. There is still plenty left for another family meal later this week. That’s planning with leftovers at it’s best.

I will leave you with this. 1.3 billion pounds of food is discarded every year worldwide. How much of that is leftovers that someone threw away because they said “I don’t feel like eating that again.” Boo hoo. If that’s the case, give us a call, text or email, we’ll take ’em.


4 thoughts on “Leftover makeover.

  1. I’ve always loved leftovers but I’ve especially loved them since I had to start cooking for myself. Why cook twice when you can cook once? Also, what is better than enjoying an amazing meal together? Looking forward to that meal all next day because you know exactly how good it is going to taste. If ever we get too many leftovers, I just start freezing them.

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