Crunchy Enough?

Am I crunchy enough to write for a blog called This Crunchy Life?  I am not the crunchiest person I know by a long shot, but this is the way my family is headed.  Here is a brief account of some ways I may fit into or out of the crunchy label.

In favor of crunchiness

  • Cloth diaper
  • Plan and have had 2 unmedicated child births, 1 was homebirth
  • Try to reduce, reuse, and recycle
  • Lots of cooking from scratch
  • Some vegetable gardening
  • Try to avoid or limit intake of high pesticide foods, processed foods
  • Consumed some of my own placenta medicinally in a smoothie
  • Work to increase my family’s time in nature
  • Try to limit my children’s time in front of TV
  • Enjoy wearing tie dyed clothes
  • Wear clothes a few times before washing
  • Make homemade kefir, yogurt, and cheese
  • Hang laundry outside to dry in warmer months

Tie dye

Opposed to crunchiness

  • Wear conventional deodorant
  • Like reality TV . . . think Toddlers and Tiaras, Sister Wives
  • Vaccinate my sons (selectively, on alternative schedule)
  • Use conventional shampoo (not no poo at this point)
  • Love shopping on (but buy things like Real Salt and Organic Quinoa)
  • Use regular batteries and then throw them in the garbage because I don’t know how to recycle them where I live
  • Love fried foods at a fair and pretend that they don’t have trans fat and are not bad for me in moderation
  • Went to law school
  • Shave armpits
  • Don’t really enjoy incense
  • No plans to get a pet dog
  • Drive a Honda Accord
  • List goes on and on

Lately, my interests include making more and more of the healthiest, highest quality food for my growing family, stewarding our resources wisely, and trying to avoid the mainstream messages that buying more things and spending more money will make my family happier. I’m glad to have a forum to connect with others who are on parallel or similar journeys, whether I’m actually what others would consider crunchy.


One thought on “Crunchy Enough?

  1. I would call myself a hybrid crunchy…I also choose to use conventional deodorant (although my husband Aaron does not…go him) and grooming products, I shave my armpits, and live with many luxuries, such as HBO and Showtime (this is one of my vices, I’m addicted to shows like Dexter, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, etc…I need to work on realizing I can view them after the fact for a fraction of the price). I try to get more crunchy every day, but there are just some things this girl won’t give up…like shaving my body hair.

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